Oh THAT John Kennedy…

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At a recent corporate meet & greet we connected with colleagues overseas via video and went through a series of introductions as part of a team building exercise. Each were asked to say something about themselves which few people on the call would likely know. Must say I was impressed about the number of global colleagues who have met famous… Read more »

What a long strange Tripp it’s been…and continues to be!

It’s finally happened. That magical time in your life…no, not a lottery win – but, yes, a big win of sorts – we have our first grandchild! Wait, what? Are we really old enough? I know you’re expecting the old line – “Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that…” Well, guess what? The line makes perfect… Read more »

I Married a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan

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   “For better or for worse, but not for lunch…” was my mother’s favorite line about marriage. She was married in the 1950’s and that was the era when finding common ground in a relationship was easier and less picky than it is today. Men left for work in the morning and women stayed home to raise the children. Those… Read more »

Majordomo Makes a Major Duomo No-No

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Had the good fortune to be able to travel to Italy last October and one of the most memorable moments was our visit to the Duomo in Florence. Like most buildings in Italy, it is quite the architectural masterpiece inside and out. As we were planning the trip months before, my son wisely suggested we purchase tickets to various attractions… Read more »

End of an era – The Roger Sherman Inn

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“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone; They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot” – Joni Mitchell This post will relate better to some than others with the subject matter being a local establishment closing; however, the messaging in that Joni song really rings true in our lives today…. Read more »

Twas the week before Christmas…

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With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore ‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house All the creatures were stirring, including our mouse; The stockings were created by April with flair, Since it will be St. Nicholas’ first visit there;   The bedrooms were cleaned up and repainted, It took several weekends and I nearly fainted, The house now… Read more »

Nancy (With the Laughing Face)…to Mom on Mother’s Day

The tributes by my friends to their mothers, young and old, in social media have inspired me to share a reflection about my own mother who passed away on Mother’s Day in 1999. Those who knew Nancy Greene know that she always lived life to the fullest, pouring herself into everything she did. She was not only a loving wife… Read more »

The Coffee Man

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  We’ve all had them. Those people you come across during your daily travels. Sometimes you interact with them, sometimes not, or maybe you just don’t notice them. But whether you have a reason to connect (or not) every time you see each other; these people invariably end up being the buoys in the ocean voyage of your life. I… Read more »

Disco Inferno, or my first job out of college…

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As we move into the early months of spring, this year’s college graduates are thinking about what their next move will be. Those with great grades, important degrees, who attended ivy league schools, will have an easy time; in fact – they probably have those jobs lined up right now! Others who’ve “attended” college, have liberal arts or majors with… Read more »