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Oh THAT John Kennedy…

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At a recent corporate meet & greet we connected with colleagues overseas via video and went through a series of introductions as part of a team building exercise. Each were asked to say something about themselves which few people on the call would likely know. Must say I was impressed about the number of global colleagues who have met famous… Read more »

What a long strange Tripp it’s been…and continues to be!

It’s finally happened. That magical time in your life…no, not a lottery win – but, yes, a big win of sorts – we have our first grandchild! Wait, what? Are we really old enough? I know you’re expecting the old line – “Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that…” Well, guess what? The line makes perfect… Read more »

Hudson’s View; There’s Snow Place Like Home!

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  Since Wally has been otherwise distracted and can’t seem to find the inspiration to write, I thought I’d get my paws on the keyboard and share with you a real life changing event for me in the last few days. NEMO. Not the movie about the fish; my tastes run to old Beethoven movies or the classic Homeward Bound… Read more »