Who’s Hudson?

Hudson, or as we call her, “the Hud,” is a chocolate Labrador. Born in Ithaca, NY,  Hud relocated to our area with the help of our daughter who decided (without consultation) that we needed another dog after our former lab Dakota passed away a couple of years ago. We love her.

Hud is a great companion and loyal friend.

Her likes – bones, stomach scratches, walks, playing hide and seek, watching TV from the couch, tug of war, car rides with her head out the window, and pulling sticks out of the woods

Her dislikes – work days where everybody is out of the house, kids leaving for college or vacations we didn’t mention until the suitcases appear, meals not served on time, “Woody” the woodchuck in the backyard (there are actually two), any squirrel, and weird noises at night. She’s expanded her dislikes to smoke alarms going off, whether that’s live or on TV.

Her favorite quotes – “Woof,” “Ah, no, that doesn’t look like MY hair on the couch,” “Yo, Wally, I need to go out” “It’s time for a Milk Bone” and “You’re back home – yay!”

I’ve decided to give Hudson a voice on this blog, largely because she has great perspective and insight and probably isn’t subject to litigation – we hope.

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