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Thanksgiving Tales – The Yellow Cat and The (Very) Green Kid

There is nothing better than sharing Thanksgiving stories this time of year!  Holidays where you have a groundswell of family and friends can create some of the best, and most horrific, memories. I have a couple of examples of each kind from my past recounted below. The first chronicles the relationship of man and beast; the second proves that turkeys… Read more »

“If Hubert Humphrey gets elected, we’re moving out of the country!”

    That title is an actual statement by my parents in our kitchen the night before the 1968 elections when I was probably 10 years old. Some of you may remember that election; Nixon vs. Humphrey (who was Johnson’s VP) and Nixon ended up winning. When you’re 10 years old those kinds of statements scare the hell out of… Read more »

Two Dog Night

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  If Hurricane Sandy didn’t provide enough of a whirlwind to our home and property recently; we had the pleasure of dog sitting this past weekend to remind us that the Tasmanian Devils are alive and well! Dog sitting is probably the one job in life I’m really qualified to hold since during my childhood growing up in a somewhat… Read more »