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Yeah, these are the Dog Days of August alright. TS (which I think means Tiny Schnauzer) Eliot had it all wrong – August is the cruelest month, not April.  Lots going on in my life…well my master’s life, in the month of August.

If you’ve read my bio (Who’s Hudson?), you’ll know that I’m the four-legged person that holds together this collection of lunatics known as “the family.” While I’ve only been with these guys just under a couple of years, it’s clear that they’d be in trouble without me.  I get them going in the morning, bark at random moments during the evening, let them scratch me at anytime, tuck them in at bedtime, and other than that, pretty much snooze the day away – its well worth two squares and a few bones a day!

However, this life isn’t all liver and chicken parts (that’s peaches and cream to you humans).  We’re a crowd of five (two parents and three puppies), but you would never know it – people are coming in an out all the time. Taking attendance is almost impossible here especially in the summer because everybody is doing something somewhere else. The puppies I mentioned – one lives in different state, another attends college in another state, and the other I see just a few days a week.  Thankfully, the two older ones (the Rents) are pretty reliable and check in daily with me.

August is cruel because it has the most activity. Its vacation time usually, so the crowd takes off leaving me with a dog sitter (thank goodness, she’s fun) – but of course not telling me until the luggage comes out. Boy, I hate when the luggage comes out! Then, its pandemonium while packing occurs and then they’re out the door and gone for a week. They come home all tan (I’m browner, haha) thinking I’m going to be their friend again, and overcompensate by lavishing me with attention and giving me more bones – shallow behavior, but no argument here.

The college kid has been home all summer which is great. He’s actually the real puppy in the family, so we have a lot in common. We both like to toss the ball, play hide & seek in the house and sleep on the couch. The bad news is he went back to school on Saturday and now I’m basically left with the Rents.  Sure, I cruise by his room daily hoping he’ll show up, but it’s looking like I’ll have to wait for a holiday to see my buddy. Thank goodness one of the other puppies is around most times during the week so she and I can watch Top Chef together.

Yep, August is cruel, but I’m getting used to it though. The Rents are feeling guilty so they’re paying me a lot of attention. I’m getting loads of play time, some extra walks and probably a bone or two above my daily Weight Watchers Points allowance.

But, hey…I’m worth it! 

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