Enterprising Day

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Due to an unfortunate car accident a couple of weeks ago (all ok, thanks), we were granted the use of a rental car for a time period. The rental agency of choice was Enterprise.

All I know about Enterprise is “They got an excellent corporate structure and they…they give you the tools to be your own boss.” – Brennan Huff, Step Brothers

Here’s how that came true for me today.

Apparently in the fine print of the Enterprise rental agreement, it says that you are not allowed to have pets in their cars.  So today, when I return the car feeling great that I’m just responsible for paying the taxes as my insurance company said they’d cover the rest – the dude behind the counter in a clip-on tie says – “Ah, Mr. Greene, everything looks in order, but we’re going to have to assess you a detailing fee.” I, of course, ask why?  “Because there is an inordinate amount of dog hair in the backseat.”

Alright, yes, I did have the dog in the backseat several times – I mean runs to the train station, taking family members to work or picking them up, this is fun times for the puppy – and besides this rental car is easier for her to get into than our current car.

I ask – “How much is the detailing fee?” Answer – $50. Considering I’m likely paying less than that in taxes, I say to the dude – “Hand me back the keys and I’ll be back after I vacuum since that is a ridiculous amount of money.”  They kindly offer to let me use their vacuum on site, which I gratefully accept – and proceeded to vacuum the car thoroughly.

Admittedly, when I looked at the back seat, it had all the appearances of a recently exploded chocolate lab, literally fur everywhere the eye could see!  Fine, so I finished the job and returned to the office where (after checking my work) they apologized for making me do that as did I for letting my Sasquatch of a dog hang in the back seat for a couple of car rides.

Still, annoyed as I was after finally paying the taxes and leaving, I couldn’t help but feel like I had my own car rental agency for just a moment…no thanks!

I’ll leave you with this Will Ferrell perspective… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26-W7I3Ji_U

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