Deep Pockets

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Scene: Dentist Office

As your career progresses, the phrase “deep pockets” usually has a positive connotation – meaning something like “extensive financial wealth or resources.”  Imagine my surprise last Thursday when I learned that having Deep Pockets in the dental world isn’t an asset. Without getting too graphic, the phrase essentially means that your gums are receding as plaque builds up and that impacts your teeth.

Anyway, the dental hygienist and I started with a lovely conversation about vacations and how our summers were going…once completed, she donned safety glasses and proceeded to empty my deep pockets with the dental equivalent of a jackhammer.  Actually, it sounds a bit like the noise I’m hearing as I write this with my chocolate lab in the background groveling on a bone…painful.

I survived the appointment, but along the way was reminded of the great Bill Cosby’s take on Dentists….make sure to floss daily and Enjoy!

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